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It is my pleasure as founder of this club to bring you our featured artists of the month. These three were nominated by our members some are members themselves others have been highly recommended by a member.
Please enjoy their interview and artwork along with their Definition-of-Art.
- What is your personal definition of art?
"Art is whatever you make of it, which can be just about anything in the world."

- What first inspired you to be an artist?

I've always been a creative individual; when I was a year old I stole my brother's crayons and turned my cot into a rainbow funhouse. I was a daydreamer and a compulsive doodler right through school and College. I loved not having any limits and that every person had the potential to create beautiful masterpieces in their minds. The world's very depressing at times, so the think it needs right now is a splash of colour and a reminder that it's still as beautiful as it's always been.

- What is your greatest moment of artistic pride?

Being nominated for awards or having people much higher up in the industry praise my work. Knowing that something that always came naturally to me is making an impact on someone else's life is the most incredible feeling in the world.

- Additional Information
I've been writing since I was three and I work for a modelling agency named Aesthetic Clarity, Ltd. Their aim is to prove that there's a beautiful person in all of us and to make a difference for the different. I've always enjoyed photography, but working with these people cemented my love further and made me realise this is something I definitely want to do in the long run.
Ignite. by DarkStarPoet     Protection. by DarkStarPoet     Freckles. by DarkStarPoet    Evening Dew. by DarkStarPoet

-What is your personal definition of art?

I always found the subject of defining art a tricky one. Almost any border you can put on it can, in some way, be crossed; Effort, skill, creativity, purpose or lack thereof, all attributes can be seen as essential to art. Yet at the same time, work without these attributes can easily be seen as revolutionary "art" entirely because of the intention to go against the grain.

Creating art, for me personally, isn't so much about proving a point or challenging anything as it is a strong outlet for my personal creativity. I enjoy telling stories and finding interesting visual ways to show things that go on in my head.

-What first inspired you to be an artist?

I've always drawn, even before I can actively remember. I do know that the first enormous inspiration in my life came from our Super Nintendo. I find it hard to explain why, but man I just loved seeing those little sprites!

Back before I realised pixelart was something you could make, I used to pause my supernintendo to try and draw the enemies and sprites from the game. It looked like total garbage, but I must've made hundreds of little enemy drawings. It's no surprise I ended up being a pixel artist, it was my destiny hahahah.

-What is your greatest moment or artistic pride
In a sense, I feel like I'm sorta in that moment right now as it draaaaaaags along. I've been spending the last several months designing an effective style for my (soon-to-be) pixelart comic and every time I open my files I can look at my own work with a strange sense of pride.

I could be naming the piece that took me the most time, or the piece that most people liked. But the stuff I've been doing lately makes me proud more in a sense of artistic maturity. Rather than drawing something just for the kick of people being impressed, I've been drawing to be effective, to have a recogniseable and unique style and hopefully, to show some people that even good (pixel)art can be "easy", or quick at least. heheheh.
Super Smash Brothers Brawl 2 by Neoriceisgood    Townscape by Neoriceisgood   Piggy Desert by Neoriceisgood Merel pic by Neoriceisgood
-What is your definition of art?

Well, to me, art is expression. Art is something that is tangible and emotive, something that is created because the creator had the inspiration and the imagination to do it. Art isn't limited to drawings or sculptures, it's anything that is creative and made for a purpose-- music, writing, crafting, etc.-- art is creating. It's hard to limit art, but to me, art is the expression of one's interests, emotions, thoughts, ideas, and influences into a single creation.

-What first inspired you to be an artist?

When I was very young, I was quite interested in animated TV shows and video games. I started drawing from a very young age, and eventually I found myself on a computer replicating video game sprites (especially Mario sprites, I was into Mario more than you could imagine, haha.) As I grew in experience and influence, I eventually stopped my video game spriting and began working on more original things, such as scenes and characters. I began drawing a lot more, working on the fundamentals in anatomy, perspective, depth, form, and the like. The influence of art and its many facets shaped who I am today, and I am currently going into college to seek a degree in art and perhaps one day teach it in high school or college. I assure you that there will be a section on pixel art, too!

-What is your greatest moment or artistic pride?

My greatest moment of artistic pride was probably this year in our annual art show, in which I won Best in Show for my body of artwork. It was so amazing to have tons of people come up to me and ask me about my work and my influences. It was very inspiring as well. I also won the People's Choice award in the show and went on to win Outstanding Art Student for my high school, too. It was probably my greatest achievement in art award-wise, but honestly my greatest achievement in art art-wise would be every time I create something- each piece is an achievement, and all art is something we should be proud of.

I would like to tell everyone who reads this to pursue your dreams; don't let anything stand in your way. Work hard, and you will go far.

I thank you for taking the time to read this and I leave with you 2 of my personal favorite works at the time:
silence by afergusonart serenity by afergusonart

Bridge to Eden by afergusonart 'A Cap in the Clouds' by afergusonart
Each of the artists sent in two of their personal favorites to go with the art work that first got them nominated aren't they fantastic! See you next month.
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Group Info

Have you ever tried to define art?
Is there a certain quality that makes something art?

here are a few of the Webster Dictionary definitions of art
-skill acquired by experience, study, or observation
-a branch of learning
-an occupation requiring knowledge or skill
-the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects

and my personal favorite;
-decorative or illustrative elements in printed matter

Yes, these terms can be used to produce an adequate if not bore some vision of what art is but it lacks the color and flow of what art is truly like to experience. For in the end is art truly not what we the artist makes of it?
We write our own definition

The Definition of Art is founded on the principals that art
-is in the eye of the beholder
-has no limits to what can be conveyed
-is a way of bringing people together despite language barriers
-has been and will continue to be a powerful way of personal expression through all mediums.

Now I want to know how do you define art?
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Defining art

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The Rules of Submission

1)We want a level of quality so please submit your best work to the Appropriate gallery
2)We want to see pieces of work that define you as an artist (this isn’t so much a rule as a request)
3)If you have art rated higher than the equivalency of PG-13 please send us a note before submission so we can go ahead and tell you if it is acceptable or not.
4)Don’t submit to Featured (A featured will be chosen from each gallery once a month and the winners will be give an interview and feature for a blog entry).


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